Mexican currency has been under a lot of pressure since last interest rate hike agreed by the FED late December 2015.

Said that, the interest rate meeting last 20-21 Sept, did not only showed a devaluation of the exchange rate by the only expectation that the FED would raise IR again, but it brought to question other aspects that should be considered.

One of the most notable factor that directly affect Mexican currency is the upcoming presidential elections in US. The two major candidates, Hilary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s polls which directly impact into the behaviour of the Mexican currency.

This week as the Trump’s poll numbers have been considerably better, the value of Mexico’s peso has taken the bate and have been reported to be falling.

In a recent article by Eric Martin published by Bloomberg, he said that isn’t necessary to check on polls to find out to see how is Donald Trump doing but rather see the behaviour of the Mexican Peso. Which, “has moved inversely with Trump electoral probability” according to Martin.

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